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    This site is best viewed by Internet Explorer 5 or higher and Netscape 6.1 or higher, with a resolution of 800X600 or higher.

    Resisence Hall Rules

    Rules for Safe Network Service Usage

    The rules outlined below are just some of the basic ones that apply to our network connection. You are expected to follow all rules that apply to the network service usage, as outlined by their policies. All users are expected to comply with the guidelines for Responsible Computing that will be published at a later date. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the termination of your network connection privileges, and the possibility of academic and/or legal action.

    The Basic Rules

    1. Do nothing that adversely affects other users.

    2. You are responsible for the actions of any user on your network connection drop.

    3. Usage of your network connection for profit and/or commercial means is forbidden.

    4. You are expected to notify Network Operations of any change of your residence status.

    5. Do not break the rules. The “W” has the means to log all ftp, web, telnet, and other transactions. If we receive a complaint of illegal activity, we will log all information and turn it to the proper authorities. Some example material of unacceptable acts include: running ftp or web site to distribute copyrighted material, running ftp or web site providing “illicit” materials, providing commercial web space, sending “harassing email, and any other action which falls under the category of obviously illegal or malicious intent.

    Things that you can do

    1. Telnet: software that allows access to a remote system. Telnet is a text only means to access any system on the Internet.

    2. FTP: stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows you to send and receive files from any remote system on the Internet.

    3. Web Browsing: there are many packages that you can download for free. The most popular browsers are Netscape and Internet Explorer.

    4. Chatting Software: there are several packages available (i.e. IRC, MIRC, NetMeeting, etc.).

    Advanced Usage

    1. Network Games: Aside from doing schoolwork, checking your email, reading the news, IRC, and web browsing, there are many other uses for your connection. One of these is playing network games. Currently there are over 2 dozen network games that are known to work over the residence halls network. Games that work right out of the box over the network have a built in TCP/IP networking compatibility. Most games are not TCP/IP compatible, but are IPX compatible. We do not run IPX over the residence hall network, but this does not mean that you cannot play a network game that does not have TCP/IP compatibility built in. Most games have either a patch or add-on program to allow them to run TCP/IP. An example is the IDOMM, or IFRG add-on for doom/heretic. Even if there is no patch or add-on for a game, there are ways to play IPX games. Your last resort in attempting to play an IPX game should be to try packet encapsulation. Avoid installing game packages on the MUW server.

    2. LINUX: is a “free” operating system that allows you to run Unix and X on a PC. Linux allows you to turn your PC into a Unix system capable of supporting multiple users, host x sessions, and almost all of the functions associated with UNIX hosts. There are several news groups dedicated to Linux, and several web pages. We recommend looking at the Linux homepage and obtaining the Linux “how to” documentation for the version of Linux that you plan on installing.

    3. Running Multiple Protocols: The network supports multiple protocols on your local hub, but only Apple Talk and TCP/IP are supported between hubs and routers. This means that the only protocols that are able to send packets beyond your local hub are those two already mentioned. Other protocols, such as NetBEUI, Vines, NetWare, and others will not see the network beyond your local hub. By running multiple protocols the users can share printers and hard drives with other users over the network. Macintosh users can share their resources with any Macintosh connected to the network. But Windows users may be limited to those users on their local hub. The current limitation of the Microsoft network neighborhood is those computers within a users local hub. This is a Microsoft shortcoming because in order for a Win 95 network neighborhood to span multiple hubs, an NT server is required to link the hubs.

    4. Files and Printers Sharing: While sharing files and printers is convenient, please exercise caution. Use the password security provided in Apple Talk for Macintosh, and for Windows the shared resource password scheme. Under Windows, we recommend that you make your shared drives “read only” to limit the damage that may be done to your computer by others. Under Windows, you are limited to sharing printers and files with those people on your hub only. On the Macintosh there is no such limitation.

    Having Network Problems?

    If you do have problems feel free to contact Network Operations. Here are some things you can do to help us solving your problem as quick as possible:

    1. Be as descriptive as possible when stating the problem.
    2. Did you change anything on your system before it stopped working?
    3. Did you recently experience a power outage?

    Enjoy the service…

    Network Operations Staff at Mississippi University for Women

    Email: netop@MUW.Edu

    Phone: 329-7282

    Copyright © by Information Technology Services All Right Reserved.

    Published on: 2008-07-22 (51810 reads)

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